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NYC and Paris: Best and Worst Welcome Mat For World Tourists

 Special to The Travelling Adventurer Magazine

New research by a money saving website in the US has uncovered the top five cities from around the world that global travellers consider to be the friendliest and most welcoming places they’ve been to, with New York topping the list. The poll also revealed the top five least welcoming cities.

 A new poll by a money saving website in the U. S. has revealed that New York City is the most welcoming city in the world, while Paris is the least welcoming. Furthermore, 66% of global travellers prefer to visit cities instead of beach resorts.

www.CouponCodesPro.com conducted the study as part of ongoing research into holidays, travel and the associated costs. 3,724 people aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they had visited at least 10 different countries, were quizzed about their experiences of different destinations and their perceptions of various cities.

When all respondents were asked if they preferred to travel to cities or beach resorts, two thirds of respondents, 66%, said that they preferred to visit cities.

All respondents were then provided with a list of cities around the world and told to select the one they had been to where they’d felt most welcomed. The top five most welcoming cities were:

1. New York City – 11%

2. Beijing – 10%

3. Toronto – 8%

4. Amsterdam – 8%

5. Sydney – 7%

When asked to name any cities they’d visited where they had felt the least welcome, the top five answers were:

1. Paris – 13%

2. London – 9%

3. Barcelona – 8%

4. Rome – 5%

5. Tokyo – 3%

According to the poll, more than four fifths of respondents, 82%, stated that they would return to the cities where they had been made to feel the most welcome. The remaining respondents claimed they wouldn’t return, despite feeling welcome, simply because they didn’t want to visit the same place twice.

When asked if they had made any life-long friends on their travels, 54% said they had. When asked how much they spent per trip, on average, when going on a holiday or short break, the average answer was the equivalent of $915 per person.

George Charles, spokesperson for CouponCodesPro.com, said:

“We’re not at all surprised that New York City tops the list of most welcoming cities in the world for tourists. When people visit the city, I think many of them go with an image in their head of what to expect, based on what they’ve seen in films, but NYC really is far better in real life. There’s a real sense of pride amongst those who live there.

“It’s clearly a common misconception that when people choose to travel the world, beach resorts are the most popular areas to visit. Whilst this may be the case for some, our research has shown that the majority of global travelers prefer cities. We wonder if this is because once you’ve been to one beach resort, you’ve almost been to them all as many seem the same. However, when you visit a city, you’re surrounded by so much culture, heritage, and a complete mix of people from all over the world that you’re bound to experience something new.”